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Cowanshannock Creek Watershed Association

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Cowanshannock Creek Watershed Association was created in 1980.  We are an all volunteer non-profit organization. 

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Our Goals

CCWA promotes activities aimed at improving the water quality of Cowanshannock creek.

This provides everyone with a healthier, safer and more attractive environment in which to work, live and play.


BERNARD C. SNYDER PICNIC AREA - Picnic and day use area located 3 miles North of Kittanning along the Allegheny River. This area is a level, grassy 7 acre park located at the intersection of SR 1033 and T-823 in Rayburn Township. It borders the Allegheny River and Cowanshannock Creek. It is ad- jacent to a Pennsylvania Fish Commission boat launch and parking. Rest rooms, parking area are on site.Picnicking, hiking, nature observation and shing (trout&warm water species in Cowanshannock Creek - warm water species in the Allegheny River) are recommended activities. 

CANFIELD/HOLMES SANCTUARY - This nearly 300 acre parcel of land was donated to the CCWA bySarah Can eld Holmes and encompasses the BernardC. Snyder Picnic Area. It consists primarily of wood- land and reclaimed surface mine areas. Hiking, Biking,nature observation and shing are suggested activities.

DEVILS WASHBASIN- This 3 acre lake was con- srtucted in 1986 for recreation and to improve water quality. It has been stocked with a varity of warm watersh species and is open for shing, ice shing, cross-country skiing, picnicking and similar activities.

DEVILS WASHBASIN - This 3 acre lake was con- structed in 1986 for recreation and to improve water quality. It has been stocked with a variety of warmwater sh species and is open for shing, ice shing,cross-country skiing, picnicking and similar activities.

GREAT SHAMOKIN PATH - This hiking and biking trail runs for 4 miles between NuMine and Rose Valley along an abandoned railroad right-of-way purchased by the CCWA. It is a long, narrow tract of woodland, bisected by surfaced trail. It links the Devil’s Washba- sin with White Lake and Wetland, paralleling Cowan- shannock Creek. Hiking, biking, nature observation, picnicking, cross-country skiing, and similar activities are possible.

WHITE LAKE AND WETLAND - Constructed in 1988, this site is a 2.5 acre lake and a series of con- structed wetland areas designed to improve water quality in a tributary stream. This stream is degraded, by Aluminum from run-off from an abandoned 20 acre coal refuse area. It is hoped that water quality in the lake will eventually improve to the point where it can sustain aquatic life. Hiking, cross-country skiing, pic-